Friday, November 24, 2006

Evretou building 4c: everything in shadow, I could only see the scrub, the building on the hill, the water shimmering and the sun setting and could imagine it being a tranquil village in the Lake District.

As always during my surveys, I was limited by the light, which was sometimes so strong as to make taking photographs impossible (as it made the shot white out) and which was always a cap on how long and how late I could work; still, it meant I always got home in time for a late supper.


  1. Hi Sam,

    with regard to your site photo blogs, is it possible to start with a brief section on the village and a map. Not sure if they are in north or south, Greek cypriot or Turkish Cypriot. Now I don't know if that would skew our interpretation. Also this is a valuable photo record, could you put out a request for original photos of the villages from either side. Anyway well done and hope writing up is going well.
    Dave S

  2. Yeah, sorry, I know they would help. I'll certainly put a map up somewhere, though I may not highlight each village individually, because I think I visited about 200.

    (I'm not going to create individual photo blogs for each village, because a lot of the time I only have a few photos.

    But I will try to create another photo blog for all of the villages of which I've only got a few photos.)

    I will also try to give an introduction to each village. I don't think it would skew visitors' interpretation unduly.

    In fact, I've always wanted to provide more information with each photograph, but a lot of the time I simply don't have it.

    Unfortunately, few Cypriots visit the site, and fewer comment, so it's even more difficult to find out exactly what each building is (or was), and what happened to it.

    Unfortunately, writing up has stopped dead in its tracks; but after Christmas, I will have to butcher the carcass of my thesis and send the choice cuts to the shop.